Well done for looking for a coach.  Probably one (or more) of the below situation(s) is about you:

Want to stop living your life on the handbrake?
Made redundant and not sure what to do next?
How to return to work after a time out?
Considering a career change?
Empty nest? What to do next and how?
Looking for or a more balanced, healthier life?
At the end of your career wondering what’s next?
Have it all, but just aren’t happy?
Want to tackle “one day….”?
Half-way your life, what about the next half?
Looking for more happiness, more self-esteem?
Do you question “the way it is”?
Is life managing you and you want start managing life?
You know there’s more in life, but don’t know what and how to find out?
Too blinkered on the career-to-pay-the-mortgage path, losing sight of what really matters?
Want to focus on the bigger picture of your life?

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