Update May 2020:  m
y coaching services will only be provided on-line at the moment.
This could be by phone or a visual channel (Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp video, Facebook Messenger video or FaceTime).

NEW Services during the Corona pandemic : 

  1. How to best prepare for an online interview, practical tips & tricks (one-hour session, book here).
  2. How to cope with overwhelm / anxiety? (one-hour session, book here).
  3. Self-care during lockdown (one-hour session, book here).
  4. How to successfully work from home during the pandemic  (one-hour session, book here)
  5. Need/want to re-assess your career?  Three one-hour sessions:
    – 1st session: Who am I: understanding yourself better
    – 2nd session: Where am I going: clarifying your direction
     -3rd session: How do I get there? Information, Tools and Techniques
    Book here.