The labyrinth of life
The labyrinth of life


Well done for looking for a coach.  There is a good reason why you are looking for a coach, as you might……

  • want to stop living your life on the handbrake?
  • be made redundant and not sure what to do next?
  • wonder how to return to work after a timeout?
  • consider a career change?
  • experience an empty nest? What to do next and how?
  • be looking for or a more balanced, healthier life?
  • at the end of your career wondering what’s next?
  • seem to have it all, but just aren’t happy?
  • want to tackle “one day….”?
  • be half-way your life and wonder what about the next half?
  • be looking for more happiness, more self-esteem?
  • want to start managing life instead of  life managing you?
  • know there’s more in life, but don’t know what and how to find out?
  • be too blinkered on the career-to-pay-the-mortgage path, losing sight of what really matters?
  • want to live a more purposeful life?
  • want to focus on the bigger picture of your life?
  • ????

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