COVID-19 has been impacting us all. During this worrying and constantly changing time, many of us are re-assessing work and life. This is something you don’t have to do on your own. Why not using a coach to help you find your best way forward?

Maybe you (also) might want to:

  • Look for more grip on your (working)  life?
  • Have (more) focus and directions?
  • Stop thinking and start doing?
  • Create more wellbeing?
  • Have some sticking plans?
  • Re-assess your career?
  • Overcome procrastination?
  • ??

A coaching partner can be helpful to think things through with, to work out what to focus on, what your priorities are, where to start, and to make (new) plans.
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Besides general coaching services, I offer practical support to help you deal with the impact of COVID-19 on your life and career:

  1. How to best prepare for an online interview; practical tips & tricks?
  2. How to cope with overwhelm / anxiety?
  3. Self-care during lockdown.
  4. How to successfully work from home during the pandemic.
  5. Do you need/want to re-assess your career?  Three one-hour sessions:
    – 1st session: Who am I: understanding yourself better
    – 2nd session: Where am I going: clarifying your direction
     -3rd session: How do I get there? Information, Tools & Techniques
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