Update August 2020:  I recently initiated my face-to-face coaching again where my coaching practice is respecting the latest social distancing measures.
If you prefer to be coaches from home, online coaching is always available using Skype or Zoom as the most popular choices.
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Besides general life coaching services, I offer practical support to help you deal with the impact of COVID-19 on your life and career : 

  1. How to best prepare for an online interview, practical tips & tricks (one-hour session, book here).
  2. How to cope with overwhelm / anxiety? (one-hour session, book here).
  3. Self-care during lockdown (one-hour session, book here).
  4. How to successfully work from home during the pandemic  (one-hour session, book here)
  5. Need/want to re-assess your career?  Three one-hour sessions:
    – 1st session: Who am I: understanding yourself better
    – 2nd session: Where am I going: clarifying your direction
     -3rd session: How do I get there? Information, Tools and Techniques
    Book here.