About Me

"I used to map the world, I now help you to map your life."
“I used to map the world, I now help you to map your life.”

Meet your coach

I offer coaching to organisations and individuals to help them improve their performance, build resilience, find a good work-life balance, and managing change.
Originally Dutch, I live and work in Winchester, Hampshire UK since 2006, with my husband and 2 daughters.
I love being in nature, cooking, gardening, reading, music (playing saxophone in several bands), and above all enjoying life!

I have an engineering background in Geo-IT & Cartography and have been working in the commercial and non-profit (IT) industry for 20 years.  This was in different roles as an engineer, consultant, sales, (project) manager, and program manager.

In 2003 I was diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer, which marked a major learning moment in my life.  This is when I discovered the power of coaching that helped me to re-assess my life and to find a new life balance.
Subsequently, in 2006, I trained as a life coach at the prestigious Coaches Training Institute (CTI).  CTI is the first coach training school to have its programs accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
The year 2006 is also the moment that I’ve established Winchester Life Coaching & Training.

In 2017 I joined Working With Cancer as one of their associates. Working With Cancer is a Social Enterprise that supports employers, employees with cancer, and working carers about returning to work, remaining in work, or finding employment at any stage during or after cancer treatment through Consultancy, Training, and Coaching.

What started as just personal growth and discovery opportunity to enhance my own (working) life has become a mission to help others grow, develop, and thrive in their life and career.

As a member of the Association for Coaching, I follow their Code of ethics and good practice.

More about my background and experience is on LinkedIn.