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Labyrinth of life...
Labyrinth of life…

Help you Thrive

I’m trained to help you thrive through 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring to boost your confidence in all aspects of your life where you feel stuck or where you are looking for positive change. If you’re not clear whether you need coaching or therapy, please check out the differences here.

Below are my special areas of interest:


For anyone who is leading a team. Together we look at ways to help you to work smarter, not harder.
Some example focus areas are: refining strategic communications, managing the political environment, providing constructive feedback, conflict management, developing team members and their career development goals, leading by example, improving collaboration and more.

Career Development

– Unhappy with your job?
– Has work become overwhelming or boring?
– Do you experience conflict at work?
– Made redundant and unsure of where to start?
– Is it time for something else?
– Want to find out about your next steps in your career?
Together we’ll find out what it is you want to do next and how to best achieve this.

I used the summer of 2020 to put a practical workbook together, hoping to support many in their search for a new direction.
Working as a coach for over 14 years, I am aware that coaching isn’t for everyone, hence this stand-alone workbook to help you re-assess your career. It’s rich in information, learning, practical exercises and examples that will help you find a way forward that feels right for you. Get in touch if you would like to receive a copy.

Work-Life Balance

I prefer to say ‘life-work balance’ as life is more important than work. It is usually not on our radar until it’s too late and things are distinctly unbalanced. By that time, you might notice the stress and burnout, and along with these, health and retention bills.
Why wait? Get back to balance with the support of a Life Coach before it is too late.

Health & Wellbeing

More and more people are dealing with stress, low energy, overwhelm, frustration and self-doubt.  This is affecting our physical and mental wellbeing.
Health & Wellbeing coaching is there to re-motivate, re-inspire, re-energise yourself to help you get more out of life.

Cancer Coaching

As a pioneer in this field, I started coaching people affected by cancer over 10 years ago.  I’m using my personal cancer experience with my coaching skills.
In 2008, I founded LYLAC, Live Your Life After Cancer.   LYLAC helps people move forward after their cancer experience through individual coaching and workshops.
In 2017, I joined Working With Cancer as an associate. WWC is helping people affected by cancer to successfully return to work. This is done through coaching, training, and consultancy. Both the employer (line manager and HR professionals) and the employee are supported.


To be able to reach more people with the power of coaching I provide (virtual) workshops, masterclasses, webinars for organisations and  in the local community.
Examples like “Creating Head-space at Work”, “Project Management”, “Stress Management” and “Creating Effective Teams”.


For coaches who are looking into growing to their next level as a coach and their coaching practice.

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