1-2-1 Coaching Supervision

1-2-1 Coaching Supervision


I’m currently working towards my coaching supervision diploma with ICCS (International Centre for Coach Supervision, accredited with AC, EMCC and ICF), and I’m looking for supervisees for my practice hours.

What is Coaching Supervision?
Coaching Supervision provides a formal, independent process of reflection and review which enables supervisees to increase individual self-awareness and coaching skills, to develop their coaching practice and to share and discuss (ethical) dilemmas.

In Coaching Supervision we focus on:
– Exploring the coach’s internal process through collaborative learning practice
– Reviewing the coaching agreement made with clients
– Uncovering blind spots
– Ethical issues
– Work through your own scenarios to gain perspective about (ethical) next steps
– Ensuring the coach is “fit for purpose” and perhaps offering accountability
– Looking at all aspects of the coach and client’s environment for opportunities for growth in the system.

“The purpose of supervision is learning that leads to the continuous development of the conscious competence of the supervisee and the supervisor and to a higher level of practice.
At its core, supervision implies an accountability to learning – that of the supervisor and supervisee – that may extend to that of the systems of which they are a part.”

What are the benefits of supervision?
– Increased self-awareness
– Greater confidence
– Increased objectivity
– Increased resourcefulness
– Be challenged to do your best work for yourself and your clients
– Practice with feedback, to sharpen your edge
– Experience new techniques that you can put into practice immediately
>> Bottom-line:  becoming an even better coach!

The Coaching Supervision structure
For my qualification we would work together for 4 online coaching supervision sessions of 60-90 minutes each at an introduction fee over a period of 4 months. There will an option to re-contract afterwards and continue the supervision with me.

Want to find our more? Get in touch through my supervision website here.

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