What clients say…

Effective coaching, using encouragement and patience

I came to Isabel with a very successful track record in business and learned through her coaching, encouragement, and patience on how to expand that success to all areas of my life.
The opportunities in life are limitless. Sometimes we can lose sight of that in our day to day existence.  Isabel provides a perfect light and guide to awakening and discovering the possibilities that are out there.
With what appears to be a simple set of tools and a simple framework, Isabel can light a fire within you that will never go out again.
Robert D. (Southampton)

My confidence is back after redundancy

Isabel helped me to get my confidence back after I was made redundant one year ago. It felt like I was not good at anything anymore at one point. She helped me to (re)connect to my values and my strength and to focus on my possibilities. It has been a very powerful experience to sit down on a regular base with my coach. To take the time to explore what I wanted to do next and to make a plan to make this happen. I’ve learned so much during those months where I have been able to reflect on my life, my career (and the right balance for me!), and to grow back into a confident individual.
Louise D. (London)

I’m feel being back on the driving seat

I was amased at what happened in my life since I started coaching with Isabel. While being coached by Isabel, I have become aware that I can be on the driving seat of my life and it feels so much better than being on the passenger seat! I learned so much about myself and I will profit from it for the rest of my life! Very useful to meet my ‘Gremlin’ and how to manage as it kept me in my comfort zone that wasn’t serving me anymore. I couldn’t have done this with friends or family as they play different roles in my life. It has been a special experience to work with Isabel who is non-judgmental, encouraging, an intense listener and asking the questions I needed. It felt I had a partner along the way in sorting my life out. I can highly recommend Isabel as a coach, she’s great! Thank you, Isabel!
Sally H. (Eastleigh)

An inspiring and courageous coach

Isabel is a delight to work with. A good listener and non-judgmental, important elements that you need to open up and feel safe to explore unknown territory.
She’s an inspiring and courageous life coach who stretches you and takes you well outside your box. She is also an excellent role model.
Kim O’Donoghue, Principal Advisor, KPMG (London)

Powerful coaching questions helped me achieving

After my very first coaching sessions over the phone, I realised this was a great opportunity to get myself going again and stop procrastinating! We worked together on something I wanted for many years, but for some reason never happened. Her question “What do you need to make this happen?” was simple and effective to get me started and working on SMART goals and actions.  Suddenly I felt excited and motivated towards achieving what I have been thinking about for years – WOW, the power of coaching!  Many grateful thanks to Isabel!
C. Winter (London)

I feel more confident in taking decisions

I am so grateful to Isabel for the coaching she gave me.  It is a real privilege to be able to focus on an issue where I have been blocked and have some help to look at things differently.  I now feel more confident about the decisions I have taken.  I can now clearly identify the motives behind my actions and feel sound and confident that I am progressing towards goals that are meaningful to me.  I thank Isabel for holding my interests securely even when I was filled with doubt.
Anne Walker, Teacher & Head of Devon Traveller Education Service

High integrity and creativity coaching

Isabel’s silence and gentleness bring people to a special state. The state in which she helped me to look inside myself and discover something new.
That is very often THAT thing that sets the person free. An Important part of me was set free when I was coached by Isabel and I can now see life from a new rich set of perspectives.
I valued her high integrity and creativity, Isabel! Top-quality!
Ioan Nicut: Bragadiru (Romania)

Isabel helped me focus my mind

From the moment I was introduced to the concept of LYLAC at Breast Cancer Care’s “Moving Forward” workshop I was intrigued.  I couldn’t wait for my first coaching session to begin. It gave me an insight into the valuable work that they do with LYLAC. I knew it was something I wanted to pursue on my own in more depth.
As soon as I went back to work I knew that the job I was doing was not the right one for me. Every fiber of my being told me it was wrong. Something had to change. I needed to do something different but had no idea what that was or where to start looking. I needed help and focus and that’s where LYLAC stepped in and I met Isabel as one of their coaches.
She was never going to simply hand me the ideal job on a platter, I knew that, but what she did do was focus my mind as to what exactly that job would look like.  And also all it would entail, so that when I did come across it, just three months later, I knew it was the job I had been hoping and wishing for. It was like meeting a partner for the first time and just knowing that they are “The One!
Miranda E. (Winchester)